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The Alfonso Summer Group

What We Do

Brand Enhancement

The Alfonso Summer Group assist partners to enhance their brands and build collaborative relationships with the community and specific target markets.

The Alfonso Summer Group Approach

Our approach is designed to obtain sustainable relationships and tangible results.

The Alfonso Summer Group Solution for Brand Enhancement:
  • Identify the goals and objectives of the brand enhancement strategy.
  • Develop brand enhancement strategies and appropriate messaging.
  • Design a concept for marketing.
  • Monitor and benchmark the progress.

The Alfonso Summer Group values quantitative and qualitative research-gathering methods. Our assessment methodology is a unique combination of proprietary quantitative and qualitative tools. Our assessments are based on in-depth, confidential, individual interviews. We provide our partners with detailed analyses of our findings and make actionable recommendations.

The Alfonso Summer Group Approach

Our Process Includes:

  • We conduct confidential interviews with individuals which generally result in greater insights regarding the assessment focus.
  • We add value by extrapolating practical recommendations from our assessments which enhance the ability of our partners to fulfill their objectives.
  • We use surveys for partners and their stakeholders to gain knowledge about the effectiveness of partner collaboration.

The Alfonso Summer Group understands the damage working in silos can stagnate the growth of an organization. The Alfonso Summer Group has developed a proprietary process to focus teams on the more efficient accomplishment of organizational objectives.

The Alfonso Summer Group Approach

Our Process Includes:

  • Enhancing Teambuilding/Team Engagement.
  • Strategically Implementing Cultural Change.
  • Workshops/Training/Retreats.
  • Create culture changes by working with partners to develop teams comprised of leaders and various levels of the organization to develop specific objectives and actions designed to accomplish the organizational objectives.

The Alfonso Summer Group helps partners develop personalized strategic plans which lead to tangible organizational results.

The Alfonso Summer Group Approach

Our Process Includes:

  • We engage partners in creating their plan, when partners engage in creating their organization plan, they are more likely to have “buy-in” and to implement its goals and objectives.
  • Each session is customized to cause thought-provoking discussions frequently involving interesting presentations and expert speakers.
  • We use SWOT and Tactical Action Planning in our strategic planning methodology to ensure implementation by thoughtful consideration of all of the required resources.
  • Because of internal and external factors, our goal is to remain flexible with the changing of strategic goals and objectives.

The Alfonso Summer Group creates and implements customized training sessions. Our trainings are led by certified professionals. Each training is interactive and aims to engage every participant

The Alfonso Summer Group Approach

Our Core Training Principles:

  • Metric Focused
    The first step is to determine the results desired by our partners and design training to ensure a high probability of these results.
  • Custom-Designed
    Each training is designed to achieve the partner’s goals and to be most effective for the trainees.
  • Engaged, Interactive Training
    We believe that the most effective training engages the trainee. Therefore, our trainings include role play, interactive exercises, and other methods designed to involve our partners.
  • Certified Trainers
    We offer Subject Matter Experts and utilize an extensive network to recruit and offer partners the best-in-class trainers.
  • Thoughtful Follow-Up
    We conduct an evaluation that includes feedback from trainees and partners.

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