The main aim behind establishment of AL-TASíHELAT Trading Company in 1981 was to provide the equipment and instruments necessary to construct service stations and workshops whether owned by AL-TASíHELAT or other private companies.

AL-TASíHELAT obtained a number of authorization from international companies to provide the most recent equipment and instruments. Such companies include Ė but are not limited to Ė the following:

  • The American South West Company and the Japanese Tatsuno Pump Company.

  • Richards Co. Morrison Co. and Everitite Petroleum Company.

  • The Italian Grazia Washing Equipment Co.

  • Ro Co. and Lye Workshop Equipment Co.

This enabled AL-TASíHELAT to construct and equip its own petroleum stations as well as many of the station owned by others.


A very effective and experienced maintenance department maintains the network of AL-TASíHELAT stations in the Kingdom. Necessary technical advice and services are being offered to order stations. We would like to note also that AL-TASíHELAT is a member in the Petroleum Equipment International Federation in the U.S.A. and Overseas Automobile Clubs.




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