AL-TASíHELAT started the transport activity in 1957, before paved roads were built and spread in the kingdom. The transport activity was based on renting Special Coaches from the Railroad Authority to carry customerís goods. In addition, AL-TASíHELAT transported individuals within the kingdom by microbuses.

Since 1962 and after paved road were spread in the kingdom, AL-TASíHELAT has been one of the first companies to use big trucks for transportation activities grew since that time and now AL-TASíHELAT has a fleet of more than 400 trucks in the services of the different types of transport.

  • The company arranged a highly equipped workshop to serve their fleet, under supervision of Engineers & Technicians to keep the trucks in very good condition while operating especially to serve the heavy load & long distances.

  • Within the last 5 years the company was growing up in well organized way and fix stages to match the booming of industry in the kingdom and the transportation field.

  • At the beginning transportation activity was limited to serve public goods. Now the activity includes all fields of fuel and public goods, transportation, as well as liquefied materials, chemicals, crops, heavy equipment and frozen product.






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