Since I established AL-TAS’HELAT in 1975 the main purpose was commerce only. The establishment passed by different commercial stages like passenger transportation “Khat AlBalda” and goods transportation by renting vehicles from the Railroad Authority before paved roads were built in the kingdom. The business at that time was depending on the personal effort.

And from year 1959 I started putting the goals and plans that the establishment should follow. An essential goal was to provide the good, the new, and the excellent service for consumers in the transportation and fuel which the Saudi market lacked at that time.

After that, the establishment was directed into separating the activities into divisions. In the early eighties the divisions were transformed into specialized establishments and in late eighties they were transformed into companies and AL-TAS’HELAT , by Allah’s willing then by the colleagues efforts, became a group of companies working in different fields and various activities keeping pace with the economic development and industrial boom in our lovely kingdom.

The truthful help and the care of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to the merchants and to commerce had a great effect in the success of AL-TAS’HELAT Group and its development.

Shaikh  Abdul Kareem Abdullah Al-drwesh


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